Monday, 30 January 2012

Heavy Metal New Blood Review : One Without - Sweet Relief

One Without - Sweet Relief
Rating: 6.5/10

The first thing that hits you with the opening track "Hunger" on the second release from Swedish metallers One Without is the contrast between the clean, crisp, melodic vocals of female vocalist Catrin Feymark and the guttural screams of Kenny Boufadene.

While Feymark keeps her clean vocals excellently under control, the music itself is pure heaviness at times with dual guitars and the bass and drums providing a solid backdrop to support the vocals while other tracks have a gentler guitar approach.

The production of this album really is impeccable with just the right levels for vocals and instruments alike. The only criticism that I would have would be perhaps the album is slightly too long. While there is variation between the album's tracks there is perhaps not enough to justify the 17 tracks on the album and it would be a shame for anyone to stop listening before they get to one of my stand out tracks the closer "This is War".

The album is strong with all elements from vocals to drums playing out in a technically excellent way and while not one of the greatest gothic/dark metal albums I have listened to I think that if the band can introduce a little more variety particularly in terms of the vocals into their next release then this will be a band to look out for in future.

One Without - Sweet Relief is available for download on their website:
One Without Website

Track Listing:
1. Hunger
2. Forget Your Pride
3. Persistent
4. Catatonic
5. Accusing Eyes
6. Souls of Thousands
7. Sweet Relief
8. Spit it Out
9. Nothing To You
10. Burned Once Again
11. Pretender
12. A Bright New Insight
13. Open Wound
14. Burning With Your Hopes and Dreams
15. Leaving Traces
16. Stained with your Words
17. This is War

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