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Heavy Metal New Blood Profile : One Fell Down

One Fell Down

Dan : Vocals
Daren : Bass
Russ : Guitar
Perrin : Drums
Sparx : Guitar

From South-end-on-Sea, Essex based metallers One Fell Down formed around 2003 after the collapse of the former band of Dan, Deren and Perrin, STOOPI. After losing touch for a while Perrin was then carried from the car to the bar, due to being on crutches, where over a few beers One Fell Down was formed.

With vocals, bass and drums all that was needed was guitars and after getting through Darren White (The Unrest), Nanz (Legion) and Aaron Darling (Romeo Must Die) they were finally joined by Russ in 2008 and Sparx in 2009.

With influences stemming from a lot of 90s bands, Pantera, White Zombie, Sepultura, Crowbar and so on individual band members also bring other influences to the mix, Mastodon and other classics (Russ), Djent/Tech (Perrin, Sparx) and Blues (Dan). The emphasis is on Heavy!
"The emphasis is on the Heavy, that's why we're a Heavy Metal Band" - Dan
One Fell Down have released a 4 track EP, 'Cartoons on Crack' which has been available since 2008 and is  available for free download on their Facebook page A new release will be coming out in 2012 and will be something Heavy Metal Bullet will be watching out for. The EP 'Deadman Walking' is just in the mixing stage and should be finished in the first couple of months of 2012

Despite being busy with the EP One Fell Down have still made time for some tour dates:
8th January @ The Arctic Festival in London
18th January @ The Fighting Cocks, Kingston
4th February @ Nambucca in London along with Romeo Must Die, L Sol Tace and Generation Graveyard.

And so onto the interview questions and in the hot seat today Dan Mcaninch (Vocals)
"The time when five friends travelled Middle Earth to get to Mordor and destroy a ring made of bad stuff... Hang on!"

Heavy Metal Bullet (HMB): Would you consider yourself part of any specific genre, if so what one?
Dan Mcaninch (DM): Crushpitballnanfucker core? Sinkpissingsisterfister core? There's a thousand and one genres at the moment. Heavy Fucking Metal... full stop.

HMB: What was the first metal album you bought?
DM: Slayer - 'Reign in Blood'! I was 4... Enough said!

HMB: What was the last album you bought/downloaded?
DM: The Deftones - 'Diamond Eyes' and it was bought in a shop where I interacted with a human being and handed over money that I had earned for a compact disc! Hintitty hint hint!

HMB: Do you own any albums you would be embarrassed to tell a metal head you own?
DM: Absolutely not! If I like an album, band, artist, song, I couldn't care less what other people think. Most music had merit somewhere in it... Unless you have anything to with Simon Fucking Cowell and X Factor, then merit is replaced by brain washing tactics and a propaganda plan. Hitler did that in the 30's, we called it Facism

HMB: What's the strangest thing you've seen at a gig?
DM: It wasn't till I watched a video back of us after a gig a few years ago, that I discovered electric fans can attach themselves to your arse as you fall from a 5ft high stage, and land square on your head and shoulders without spilling a single drop of beer from your left hand. Suck that David Blaine.
HMB: I guess One really did Fall Down (sorry bad I know I couldn't resist!) ahem... back to the questions!

HMB: Any funny band related stories you want to share?
DM: Too many! There's the time Perrin got picked up by the Police completely naked and told them he was robbed.
The time we all went out for drinks and a friend of ours shat on an unmarked Police car
The time when Sparx got kicked out from Paintball because he ran out of bullets and threw his gun at a warden
The time we all got kicked out from bowling when we discovered it had a kph gauge. Wicked!
The time when five friends travelled Middle Earth to get to Mordor and destroy a ring made of bad stuff... Hang on!

Check out the links below for more!
One Fell Down Website

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