Friday, 13 January 2012

Where to Promote your Metal Band: Hard Rock Nights Radio Show

Hard Rock Nights is a radio show that features hard rock and heavy metal music and tries to introduce people to newer bands.

I caught up with host Brian Basher to find out a bit more about it and to get the new metal bands out there some more tips on promotion!

Heavy Metal Bullet (HMB): When did the radio show start?
Brian Basher (BB): I've owned and been hosting Hard Rock Nights for a year and a half now. I took over from the old host he asked me if I would be interested in taking over the show I said yes and picked up the ball and ran with it.

HMB: What was the reason behind starting the radio show?
BB: When I was growing up I always noticed that bands I really liked were never getting airplay on traditional radio and I told myself if I ever had the opportunity to do my own show I would give as many bands as I could a chance for airplay.

HMB: What does the radio show aim to do?
BB: Let people know that hard rock is still very much alive. I'm talking about 70's, 80's inspired hard rock not the alt rock that corporate radio tries to pass off as hard rock these days.
I use the classics like Motley Crue, Poison and Kiss to try and introduce people to newer bands like Wildstreet, Crazy Lixx, Diamond Lane and so forth. I want to expose people to as many of the new up and coming bands as I can.
There are some great music scenes around the world that very few people outside of the local area know about. Belfast, Sydney, Melbourne and Vancouver all have some fantastic bands not getting radio airplay that deserve to be heard.

HMB: What do you think is the single most important thing for a new band to do to promote themselves?
BB: If I can only pick one it has to be connecting with the fans. Don't just post dates for your next show on facebook or Twitter actually communicate with your fans and get to know them for lack of a better word.
For me personally when a band shows interest that I'm playing their music and talking about them on the show it shows me that they care about the band, the music, and what people are saying about them.

HMB: Any other tips on promoting bands?
BB: You have to get your name out for people to see and hear nobdy is going to do it for you. Take advantage of what the internet and social media offers it gets to be a hassle keeping up with everything there's no denying that, but these days bands have to be their own PR machine.

HMB: What are your own personal music tastes?
BB: Honestly I don't listen to anything but hard rock and metal. I really love the Australian rock scene right now. Pretty much what you hear each week on the show is what I'm listening to when I'm at home or in the car.

HMB: Anything else at all that you would like to add?
BB: Thanks to everyone that listens to Hard Rock Nights each week. Thanks to you Maria and Heavy Metal Bullet this is the first time I've been interviewed so hopefully I didn't put everyone to sleep that reads this.
Don't be force fed what corporate radio wants you to hear on the radio. There are tons of great bands from all over the world not being played on terrestrial or satellite radio a person just has to make the effort to go and find them.

Hard Rock Nights is heard on 40+ stations both FM and Internet in 11 countries and can be heard over 60 times a week. You can find participating affiliates here

Check out the links below for more details:
Hard Rock Nights Website


  1. Hell Yeah! Brian Basher & Hard Rock Nights has been supporting bands like The Cincinnati Sinners, The Mighty Swine, and more and it's great to see him get the credit he deserves.

    I listen to Brian's show in Cincinnati at 88.9 FM - Class X Radio but it can be heard worldwide on various stations, websites, and podcasts every week - for some of the best old & new rock n roll, tune in for yerself & see what all the fuss is about!

    1. Thanks it is good for the people behind the scenes/bands/music to get the credit they deserve!

  2. Great Interview!! It's a real blessing that Brian is on team Rock n' Roll! It's people like him that KEEP ROCK ALIVE!!

    1. Thanks glad you like it and totally agree without people willing to play the music there would be a lot of great bands struggling to be heard!