Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Heavy Metal Album Review: KREEP - Lead us Not

KREEP - Lead Us Not
(Metal Powered/Maximized Entertainment)
Rating : 8.5/10

"Lead us Not" is KREEPs debut album and what a sensational debut, but with a stellar band line up including an ex member of White Zombie I expected nothing less!

KREEP was formed by vocalist Brett Pirozzi as a way of expressing his anger at what he was hearing on the radio as portrayed excellently in "Metal to the Core" with lyrics including "Bring the metal back to the core" and "whatever happened to master of puppets".

Ivan de Prume of White Zombie fame among others makes himself known with his skills on the skins that provide the backdrop and fast paced tempo throughout the album. Carmine D.Amico, ex Butane, on guitar and Alan Vine on bass complete the line up of this power house of a metal band.

The album flows cohesively mixing the potent and passionate vocals with excellent guitar work and the the sonic wall of heaviness that emanates from the percussion.

Tracks in particular that stood out for me "Metal to the Core" with it's great lyrical content, "Bloodletting" has an almost early Marilyn Manson feel to it, "The Way that I am" has some excellent percussion.

To be honest I can find something good to say and a reason for you to listen to every track on this album so I will stop delaying you and let you get on with listening for yourself!

The album is available now on ITunes, Digital Stores, Amazon and finer record stores worldwide

1. Unheard
2. What
3. Bloodletting
4. Metal to the Core
5. Lie Down
6. Curb your Bitch
7. Lead Us Not
8. The Way that I Am
9. Left Alone
10. Bro Hymn
11. So Close I Breath You
12. Is It Everything
13. I Hate
14. I Never wanted to be your Friend
15. She watched Channel Zero

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