Monday, 16 January 2012

Heavy Metal New Blood EP Review: Saint [The] Sinner - Da Vinci's Demise

Saint [The] Sinner - "Da Vinci's Demise"
Rating: 6.5/10

So where to start in trying to tell you about this album? It is definitely the most unique album I have so far reviewed. Describing it is difficult but a review just wouldn't work if I can't do that so here goes... I would say metalcore mixed with some death metal vocals, some clean vocals and a dose of Electronica.

Strangely though the mixture of heavy guitars and the electronic segments really work well together and compliment each other far better than it may sound in my description.

The EP is a five track EP although the first track is a short etheral opener so essentially it is a four track EP. Once the slow "Forgive and Forget" ends brutality kicks in with the fierce opening growl of "Joker's Grin" The clean vocals are a little shaky in places but overall a good track.

"7000 miles" continues in the same way with the exception of a much more prominent electronica section in the middle. "Struggle Within" is probably the weakest track on the EP but fortunately the closing track "Yeah... Even the Mona Lisa is Falling Apart" pulls it back on track.

So in all honesty purist metal heads or "true" metallers are probably not going to like this EP but for me at least the band tried something a bit different and for the most part it really works. There are a few areas that need to be worked but still a pretty solid record and definitely worth a listen!

Track Listing:
1. Forgive and Forget
2. Joker's Grin
3. 7000 Miles
4. Struggle Within
5. Yeah... Even the Mona Lisa is Falling Apart

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