Friday, 27 January 2012

Heavy Metal DJ Interview : Diamond Sam - Evil Broadcasting

Following on from the interview with Kory Allen from Evil Broadcasting Diamond Sam one of the DJs agreed to answer some interview questions for Heavy Metal Bullet and here is what he had to say...

Heavy Metal Bullet (HMB): So when is the radio show on and where can you hear it?
Diamond Sam (DS): Friday nights at 7pm EST on Evil Broadcasting and soon to be on Wednesday night at the same time on Distant Thunder Radio. Online is the best way, cos then the listeners get the chat room and the web cam.

HMB: Is there a specific theme to the show, a certain genre? A certain time period? New or Established Bands? Just Metal to the Masses?
DS: Yes, No, Maybe, not really, LOL to tell ya the truth, I wing it for 4 plus hours. I try just to keep it about drugs, sex and rock and roll but sometimes I'll see something in the paper that gets me mad and I'll go off on the show. As for music, I play classic rock, and metal, some new stuff, but for the most part I really get off on playing indie bands.

HMB: When did you start on the show?
DS: I started about five years ago on Distant Thunder Radio, and I've worked for a few other stations until I found Evil Broadcasting which is one of the best times I've had doing this, and with me going back to Distant Thunder Radio it's like going back home.

HMB: Was this your first radio show or have you done others before?
DS: I think I'm very lucky cos I always had my own show, and I try to do something different for every show. Since I do my show on camera there are some things that I have to do almost every show. Like the cantaloupe thing, LOL, or the Strip Tease, or put on a bow tie. LOL all for the love of music LMAO!

HMB: What are your own personal music tastes?
DS: As long as it's not that whiney country music where the song is about killing a pet bullforg in a pick up truck, and Rap, then I'm goof. LOL

HMB: What do you think is the single most important thing for a new metal band to do to promote themselves?
DS: Hit things like Twitter and Facebook but mostly You Tube. Reach out to internet DJs to get them to play your stuff.

HMB: Any other tips on new metal bands promoting themselves?
DS: You Tube to me is the best way, record some shows, make a video, that way people can see what your band is all about.

So tune in using the links below Fridays 7pm EST on Evil Broadcasting (and soon Wednesdays 7pm on Distant Thunder) and follow the below accounts on Twitter to keep yourself updated!

Evil Broadcasting
Distant Thunder
Twitter @DiamondSam
Twitter @MistressT5150

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