Monday, 2 January 2012

Heavy Metal Album Releases January 2012

Heavy Metal Album Releases January 2012

So from the long list of offerings to help make a bleak season bearable the one I am most looking forward to at the moment is Lamb of God's new album.

Someone told me the other day I was cliché for looking forward to Lamb of God? Not sure I follow the logic but definitely sure I don't care and will be blasting this on the old stereo towards the end of January!

However, for those who feel like being less cliché check out the remainder of January's offerings below in order of release date:

Aggression - Viocracy

Decaying - Encirclements
Lvcifyre - The Calling Depths

Anatomia/Absconder - Audible Assault (Split)
Horrendous - The Chills

Artificial Wish - Subconscious

Thy Catafalque - Rengeteg
Lunocode - Celestial Harmonies
Caspian - Live at the Old South Church
Dies Arae - Secret Veils of Passion
Haemoth - In Nomine Odium
Majestic Downfall - The Blood Dance
Vise Massacre - Expendable Humans

Alltheniko - Back in MMLXVI (2066)

Mosfet - Deathlike Thrash 'N' Roll
Nekromantheon - Rise, Vulcan Spectre
Amarna Reign - Storms

Eclipse Eternal - The Essence of Hopelessness

Drakkar - When Lightening Strikes
Your Tomorrow Alone - Ordinary Lives
Disguise - Second Coming

Abysmal Dawn - From Ashes (Re-Release)
The Devil's Blood - The Thousand Fold Epicentre
Secrets - The Ascent
Almah - Motion
Attack Attack! - This Means War
Buck Satan and the 666 Shooters - Bikers Welcome! Ladies Drink Free
Detrimentum - Inhuman Disgrace
Everything went Black - Cycles of Light
Farsot - Insects
Lantios - Agape
Lioncloth - Iron Balls of Steel
Rising - To Solemn Ash
Shining - Blackjazz Live
Spectral Mortuary - Total Depravity
Touchstone - The City Sleeps

Desert Sine - Destination Paradise
Ecliptica - Journey Saturnine
Blind Guardian - Memories of a Time to Come
Pilgrim - Misery Wizard
Beyond the Bridge - The Old Man and the Spirit
The Cage - The Third Cage
Primal Fear - Unbreakable

Winter Deluge - AS the Earth Fades into Obscurity

Descravity - Implicit Obedience
Racebannon - Six Sik Sisters
Dodecahedron - Dodecahedron
Nothnegal - Decadence
Aborted - Global Flatline
Lacuna Coil - Dark Adrenaline
Rise to Remain - City of Vultures
Wolfen - Chapter IV
Lamb of God - Resolution
Behold the Monolith - Defender, Redeemist
Dead Icons - Condemned

Nexus Inferius - A Vision of the Final Earth
Irdorath - Dekonstrukteur Des Fleisches
El Caco - Hatred, Love & Diagrams
Krossfire - Learning to Fly
Iron Fire - Voyage of the Damned
Re-Armed - Worldwide Hypnotize
Steelwing - Zone of Alienation

Azaghal - Nemesis

Happy Listening \m/

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