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Heavy Metal New Blood Profile : Twilights Embrace

Twilight's Embrace

Al - Bass
Allan - Drums
Ben - Guitar
Dan - Guitar
Dee - Vocals

Twilight's Embrace are a metal band from Nottingham. Having had music written for years Ben and Allan just needed to find the right musicians but everything came together in early 2010 with the addition of Al, Dan and Dee and before long the band were out gigging in their home town.

The main influences for Twilight's Embrace are dark, melodic and heavy metal bands including well known bands such as Paradise Lost, Swallow the Sun and Insomnium but also some lesser known acts like Before the Dawn, Morgion, Daylight Dies, Forest Stream etc.

Following on from their EP "Reflections" (check out the review here) Twilight's Embrace are currently half-way through recording a second EP due to be released early 2012 and then they hope to start work on a full length album later in the year.

While they currently have no upcoming gigs booked Twilight's Embrace intend to play up and down the UK this spring/summer so keep your eyes peeled for that!

So no band profile would be complete on Heavy Metal Bullet without the interview questions so here goes:
"Helping three guys dressed as one yellow submarine climb onto the shoulders of a crowd during Skream and Benga was pretty unique" Al
Heavy Metal Bullet (HMB): What Genre would you see the band fitting into in today's metal scene?
Twilight's Embrace: We're arguably somewhere between "doom-death" and "gothic metal"

HMB: What was the last album you bought/downloaded?
Al: Devin Townsend - "Unplugged"
Allan: Opeth - "Heritage"
Ben: Michael Mc Cann - "Deus Ex - Human Revolution Original Soundtrack"
Dan: I think it was "Fables from a Mayfly: What I tell you Three times is True" by Fair to Midland

HMB: What was the first Metal album you bought?
Al: Slipknot's first album
Allan: Opeth - "My Arms, Your Hearse"
Ben: Sepultura - "Chaos AD"
Dan: I remember getting Metallica's eponymous "Black Album" and "Introduce Yourself" by Faith No More on tape in the early 90s, but I think I was already borrowing Type-O-Negative, White Zombie and Clawfinger albums off friends by then. I don't like admitting to Clawfinger, but I was young and stupid. Still love Type-O-Negative and White Zombie though.

HMB: Do you own any albums that you would be embarrassed to tell a metal head you own?
Al: Embarrassed? No, but as a fan of Rock/Metal/Hip Hop/Trance/DnB/Dubstep/Classical/Indie/Folk and more I probably like a lot of music that may be looked down about by anyone who takes music too seriously. I do love The Bravery's first album, that's probably given me the most grief.
Allan: Creed - "Weathered"
Ben: I don't tell many people that I have "Fallen" by Evanescence, but it's actually a very good album. Beats the last three Lacuna Coil records, anyway...
Dan: I got rid of Clawfinger... I own a lot of stuff you might expect me to be embarrassed by, but I'm not. Folk music, electronica, world music, lots of different stuff. I'd get bored listening to one sort of music all the time.

HMB: What is the strangest thing you have seen at a gig?
Al: Helping three guys dressed as one yellow submarine climb onto the shoulders of a crowd during Skream and Benga was pretty unique
Allan: Someone nearly setting the stage on fire after using a special effect
Ben: Too many to mention, but I think the guy at Wacken who was crowd surfing over a Kataklysm mosh pit while wearing a fluorescent green suit was a contender this year.
Dan: I was at a Twin Zero gig a few years ago, and this guy was strutting backwards and forwards in front of the stage occasionally doing cartwheels, alternating between polite and aggressive. He then eventually accidentally kicked a girl in the face and apologised profusely before wandering off somewhere.

HMB: Are there any funny band related stories you can share?
Al: We are not funny, we are serious business!
Allan: We have all been fired by each other more times that you can possibly imagine.
Ben: I quite enjoyed 'de-harmonising' one of Dan's solos in practive once - basically playing exactly the same thing, except being careful to deliberately pick a completely wrong note each time. Ok, so perhaps you had to be there...

"Demons" performed at The Shed Leicester
"The Path" performed at Bloodstock Open Air 2011

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