Monday, 6 February 2012

Heavy Metal Gig Review: Want For Destruction, L Sol Tace, Romeo Must Die, One Fell Down, Generation Graveyard - Nambucca London 04.02.12

One Fell Down
Braving the elements I headed down to Nambucca in London to check out a gig containing artists on Possessive Managements roster.

Starting the show was Want For Destruction (8/10) and a brutal start to the night it was. With a solid well executed set and an excellent front man bringing an energy to the performance that carried through to the audience, the scene was set. Want For Destruction are definitely a recommendation to watch out for and look out for them gracing the pages of Heavy Metal Bullet pretty soon!

So the next band up to follow on from the great start were L Sol Tace (6/10) having previously listened to some of their music I was looking forward to the chance of seeing these guys live. While the performance maintained the energy and I know the music is good the set at times lacked cohesion and felt a bit disjointed between the different instruments and vocals.

Next up was my personal highlight for the night Romeo Must Die (9/10) with the biggest crowd of the night (although I am attributing smaller crowds at later performances to the blanket of snow slowly threatening to close off all routes home!) the energy from the whole band, but the front man and bassist in particular, was off the charts from start to finish. With mosh pits forming both at the request of the band and independently the band produced a decent set of music combined with an atmosphere that to me personifies metal this is without a doubt a band I will be checking out more and looking to give more space to on this site!

One Fell Down
One Fell Down (8/10) were the next band up and having completed a profile on them I was really looking forward to seeing these guys live and they did not disappoint. It was a real shame for the band that the crowd had dropped off quite a bit by then (still maintaining because of the weather!) as those who missed this missed out on a great performance of some great tracks!

Closing the night were Generation Graveyard. While the band clearly have some great tracks and a brutal image to go with it, I get the feeling this wasn't one of their best nights especially following on from some amazing acts. So in the interest of fairness I'm reserving judgement on this one and will get myself down to another gig to check them out properly... To be Continued!

Overall Possesive have some great bands on their roster and the gig was a night of good metal and a hell of a lot of fun. Links to the bands are below and I throughly recommend you check them out and get yourself out to see them the next time they play near you!

Photos courtesy of Michelle Murphy : Mootography

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