Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Heavy Metal New Blood Album Review : Electric Sister - The Lost Art of Rock & Roll

Electric Sister - "The Lost Art of Rock & Roll"
Rating : 6/10

Electric Sister's album "The Lost Art of Rock & Roll"  is a old school 80's Heavy Metal extravaganza from a new metal band.

The album fits probably more into the Hard Rock category than metal today with it's old school sound heavy on power chords and riffs and with a definite KISS styling to it.

Having said that the album doesn't sound as dated as you might expect and there are some excellent twin guitar attacks to be heard. The band has also recently supported Black Label Society.

A couple of the stand out tracks for me would have to be "Monster Girl" with it's strong riffs and good lyrics and also the title track "The Lost Art of Rock & Roll"

With old school bands such as Twisted Sister, Wasp, Anthrax and Maiden all making come backs at festivals over the last few years this album really fits into the vintage sound flying around out there. My only concern would be that while we all love our old favourites playing this style will it be as easy for a new band to make it using a similar sound?

Overall "The Lost Art of Rock & Roll" is a solid album, well written, musically sound and some good lyrical content so if you like your old school metal, be brave, give the new band a listen!

Track Listing:
1. New Mother Earth
2. I Want it All
3. The Leper
4. Monster Girl
5. Goddess
6. The Lost Art of Rock & Roll
7. Rock is Religion
8. Echo Park
9. City of Night

Electric Sister Website

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