Thursday, 12 January 2012

Where to Promote your Metal Band : Great New Metal

Great New Metal is a new project designed to provide exposure and generate revenue for emerging acts in the world of heavy music.

Great New Metal already has support from some big names including the Buried and Me founding member Paul Waggoner, prog metal pioneer Paul Masvidal of Cynic and Brian Fair of Shadow's Fall who not only support the project but have also agreed to advise Great New Metal.

Heavy Metal Bullet thinks this is a great project, anything that can generate exposure for new metal bands is always a good thing it can be difficult for some genuinely talented bands to get noticed in any music genre, but with the limited press/radio play for metal music in comparison to more mainstream genres the the new metal band can face a tough task to get themselves out there!

So how does it work? Launching 1st March 2012 Great New Metal writers known as "Authorities" will award seals of approval to eight up and coming acts each month spread out over all the major metal sub-genres. The aim is for the site to then create a buzz around these acts with daily updated professional journalistic content.

Great New Metal's signature designers will also create a unique t-shirt for each artist which will be available exclusively through their platforms and the proceeds of sales will be shared with the bands.

There is already a buzz being generated around Great New Metal:

"Great New Metal will give bands the push that they need, that initial kickstart to get some recognition and then hopefully they will take that ball and run with it, and play shows and sellmerch and get signed" - Paul Waggoner
"It seems like it's a genuine, groovy idea, and it's something that's needed." - Paul Masvidal
"Its really hard now as an up and coming band to do anything without self-financing it. I think Great New Metal can help young bands make that process just a little bit easier." - Brian Fair
So don't delay get involved from the start by checking out the links below:
Great New Metal Website
BTBAMs Paul Waggoner Supports Great New Metal
Cynic's Paul Masvidal Supports Great New Metal.


  1. Many thanks to Heavy Metal Bullet for spreading the word about Great New Metal!!

    ~Rebecca/GNM \m/

    1. No Problem at all I think it's a great project and looking forward to hearing the first seals of approval!

  2. Check out this page :D