Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Where to promote your Heavy Metal Band : UnsignedHypeUK

What better way to promote your unsigned Heavy Metal Band than a website and company dedicated to unsigned bands and artists. The site covers a wide range of musical genres and not just heavy metal but all publicity is good promotion.

Robyn from Unsigned Hype filled me in on the details and as usual provided some useful tips on promoting your band.

"Maybe we could do a battle of the bands mixtape!" Robyn
Heavy Metal Bullet (HMB): When did the website start?
Unsigned Hype (UH): It began roughly 10 weeks ago.

HMB: What was the reason behind starting the website and what does it aim to do?
UH: To represent our company and what we have on offer. We decided that when running our music company an easy way to get information across was to create a website! A website that not only represents us but can support unsigned artists all over the world.
The website aims to support, promote and give unsigned artist the exposure they deserve!

HMB: What do you think is the single most important thing for a new band to do to promote themselves?
UH: To get yourself a logo and professional picture and promote yourself on as many websites/social networking sites as possible!

HMB: Any other tips on promoting bands?
UH: To keep your promoting consistent! Its important to build partnerships with others also!

HMB: Anything else you would like to add?
UH:Thanks for having us! Check out the website and see if Unsigned Hype is something for you! Maybe we could do a battle of the bands mixtape! Who knows!
HMB: *thinks* If enough bands signed up and mentioned Heavy Metal Bullet perhaps they could name the battle of the bands tape after me :)

So use the links below and keep getting your music out there!
Unsigned Hype


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