Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Heavy Metal New Blood EP Review : Twilight's Embrace - Reflections

Twilight's Embrace - Reflections
Rating: 7/10

With Xmas endured and pausing for breath before New Years Eve's inevitable carnage it's back to the music and first up to help us get out of the post Xmas funk is the début 3 track EP "Reflections" from Nottingham metal band Twilight's Embrace released in late 2010

The opening track "The Second Day" opens with a growl and a riff that makes you feel like something is coming. The EP is off to a good start with fierce growling vocals mixed with strong clean vocals overlaying the almost ethereal feel to the track. Probably has to be my favourite track on the EP.

Next up is "This Lie" with a heavier riff and following on from the first track with the mix of clean and growling vocals which adds some depth to the instruments. Slight tempo changes within the song prevent it from becoming too repetitive.

Last but not least the title track "Reflections" which continues the tone of the album starting with clean vocals and ethereal guitar sounds backed up by distortion for heaviness. Around half way into the track the slow guitars and cymbal sound gradually build up to some faster and heavier guitar sounds and then up to the first growling vocals on the EP to end the track.

The EP is a good solid death/doom metal album with the only criticism being perhaps it needs a touch of something different every now and then to help the band stand out as the talent and potential is clearly there and I am eagerly anticipating the new release due early 2012!

Check it out for yourselves at the link below!
Twilight's Embrace - Reflections on Bandcamp

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