Sunday, 18 December 2011

Where to promote your Heavy Metal Band : Metal Powered Promotion

So you're in a Heavy Metal band and ready to put some serious effort into promoting yourselves, where do you go? This is the first in a series of features on places for new Heavy Metal Bands to get going.

So first up is Metal Powered, this is a division in Indie Power, a promotion company including press, radio, video promo, soundtracks, tour promo and more. I caught up with Jay Warsinske the founder and president of the company to find out a bit more about them and also to get some tips for new bands to help with their promotion.

So first off where do you go to find Metal Powered and Indie Power? Well that's a simple one just click on any of the links below:

Before you head off to the site though Jay Warsinske answered some Heavy Metal Bullet questions to give you an idea of what to expect along with some helpful tips on promoting your band

"Gives Bands a One Stop Shop for the best deal on everything they need" - Jay Warsinske

Heavy Metal Bullet (HMB): When did the website/company start?
Jay Warsinske (JW): 5 years ago

HMB: What was the reason behind it and what do you aim to do?
JW: These days Bands & Artists need access to a wide array of top pro services at great rates, so they can gain more fans, more shows/tours, and gain more business (distribution, licensing, record deals, merch deals, tours and all!)

The aim is to give Bans & Artists a one stop shop for the best deal on everything they need, without having to give up your rights, ownership or control of your music!

Best deal on everything from the basic stuff like

  • CDs & DVDs
  • Posters, Flyers, Banners, T-Shirts, Stickers
  • Website & Graphics
All the way up to Services and Campaigns that include Top Pro:
  • Distribution: Physical, digital and mobile
  • Promotions and marketing to: Press/Media/Magazines, Radio/DJs, Stores, Sites, Streets, Movie/TV/Videogame soundtracks, Video promotion to TV/Web shows and much more
HMB: What do you think is the single most important thing for a new band to do to promote themselves?
JW: Think of themselves as a Creative BUSINESS, have fun - make great music, but understand if they aren't willing to handle their business & bringing on pros like INDIE POWER & METALPOWERED, that someone will rob them of their business and revenues
"There's ONLY two types of music: Good & Bad"

HMB: Any other tips on promoting bands?
JW: Think about what makes YOU unique! In a sea of thousands of bands, define YOUR image, graphic look, stage presentation, merch and especially songs, to stand out! Take chances, don't blend in!

HMB: What are your own personal music tastes?
JW: Wide, there's ONLY two kinds of music: good & bad, it either moves you or it doesn't, whatever kind of metal you call it, it either lights you up or it doesn't!

HMB: Anything else to add?
JW: Yes, I myself, Jay Warsinske (the Founder & President) have over 38 years in the business and live EVERY DAY for the love and adventure of bringing great music & talent to the music lovers of the World! LOVE what you do and do it for that, not to get 'rich and famous' and if you do great music and surround yourself with a great team, including pros like Indie Power and MetalPowered, you'll enjoy every day of it - and if people love what you do, the money and notoriety can come!

So if your Metal Band is in need of some promotion check out the links below and get in touch!

Keep Calm & Metal On \m/

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