Thursday, 22 December 2011

Where to Promote Your Metal Band : MetalWebRadio

In keeping with the theme that getting your songs heard is a key element to promoting your band let me introduce you to Metal Web Online Radio.

The site offers a chance for bands to upload their songs for airplay and also provides band pages to go with them. Alternatively head over to the forum section and introduce yourself to some fellow metal heads to get the name of your band out there.

MetalWeb Radio

Bjorn manager of MetalWeb Radio kindly provided some more details about the site and some more tips on band promotions:

"When I decided to make my own webradio, there was no doubt it should be Heavy Metal radio" - Bjorn
Heavy Metal Bullet (HMB): When did the website and radio station start?
Bjorn (B): The website went live about 5 months ago

HMB: What was the reason for starting it and what does it aim to do?
B: It was a mix of different interests. I have always been a metal fan. Over the last few years I have been doing a lot of Wordpress blogging ad web development. When I decided to make my own webradio, there was no doubt it should be Heavy Metal radio.
I also decided to build in a social community where headbangers and metal heads can discuss, share and have fun.
In addition to the webradio and community services I also hope to discover some new bands that will get big. In the future I might start band promotion services, but for now I am focusing on developing the webradio and community.

HMB: What do you think is the single most important thing for bands to do to promote themselves?
B: I am not really a music insider but I think its much the same as other promotion. The single most important thing today, I would say is social media (and to use it in the right way). It is important to realise that social media is not about information, it is all about communication.
"I also offer some free promotion on my metalweb radio" - BJorn

HMB: Any other tips on promoting bands?
B: If you have the time there are a lot of blogs like Heavy Metal Bullet that will promote your music and give you interviews. I also offer some free promotion on my metalweb radio. You can upload your info here. Your band will be featured on the webradio if it meets the minimum standards
HMB: With yours truly having been interviewed for the metalweb blog I can definitely vouch for the good taste ;)

HMB: Anything else you would like to add
B: From my own experience a lot of great bands are standing with their hat in their hands, instead of actively seeking people to promote their music. I think smaller bands should be less afraid to seek attention.
HMB: A sentiment that Heavy Metal Bullet agrees with entirely!

So you heard the man what are you waiting for, no-one is going to work as hard at promoting your band as you so head on over and upload your music and maybe you will be the band to be discovered by Metalweb Radio!

MetalWeb Radio

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