Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Heavy Metal New Blood Band Profile : Massacre of the Megafauna

Massacre of the Megafauna

Bing - Vocals
Luke - Drums
Ron - Guitar
Jim - Guitar
Will - Bass

Massacre of the Megafauna a metal band from Rotherham formed quite organically after Luke and Ron had been jamming together for years. Jim and Luke had previously been in bands together so Jim joined followed by Bing in October 2009 and last but not least Will (as a replacement for a previous bassist Eckers) joined in August 2010. With that the line up you see today was now complete.

Intrigued I questioned them on the origin of the name and the inspiration came from an article by George Monbiot on the overkill theory that states ice age mammals were hunted into extinction by early man. A popular theory and possibly the most plausible though in the interest of fairness I should point out that not everyone agrees!
"I think we've learned nothing and would do well to take heed of our species' earlier transgressions!" - Bing
Massacre of the Megafauna have yet to produce an official release but do have a three track demo available on their bandcamp and facebook pages (links below) you can check out the review here

So as usual the band were subjected to the Heavy Metal Bullet interview questions and Bing the vocalist was in the hotseat...
"Mint, but he never did buy a CD!" - Bing 
Heavy Metal Bullet (HMB) : What was the first Heavy Metal Album you bought?
Bing (B): Def Leppard - Adrenalize... and if anyone says Def Leppard aren't metal, I would urge them to research the acronym NWOBHM!

HMB: What was the last Heavy Metal Album you bought/downloaded?
B: Times of Grace - Neurosis - replaced a well worn copy!

HMB: Do you own any albums you would be embarrassed to tell a metalhead you own?
B: Certainly not... being a true metalhead, I have incredibly good taste!

HMB: What's the strangest thing you have seen at a gig (your own or someone else's)?
B: Played at the Ringside in Hull a year or so ago... no one was there, except an old man who proceeded to 'have it'... he went berserk, right up in front of the stage! Mint, but he never did buy a CD!

So enough from me and links as promised... Do yourself a favour and head on over and check them out!

Keep Calm and Metal On \m/

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