Sunday, 11 December 2011

Heavy Metal New Blood : Massacre of the Megafauna 2010 Demo

Massacre of the Megafauna : Self Titled 2010 Demo
Rating :  3/5

Rotherham based metallers Massacre of the Megafauna, while yet to complete an official release, have a 3 track self titled demo available on facebook and bandcamp.

A band profile for Massacre of the Megafauna will be released later this week but in the meantime check out the review of their demo.

The demo overall shows some real potential and often takes unexpected twists during the tracks keeping the listener alert to the music.

The first track "Say what you mean" has a quite atmospheric start before being joined by a strong drum beat and the vocals. The vocals interchange between rough and almost clean and the track contains an excellent guitar solo. This particular track does have a lot of unexpected tangents, possibly slightly too many for the track to flow properly.

Coming up next is "Kill Your Boss" which starts with a really interesting percussion section before adding more layers to the music as it gradully builds up. The sense of cohesion on this track provides a much stronger flow and the section with an almost bluesy guitar part contrasting against the drum beat and the rough vocals works particularly well.

The Demo finishes with "Rumsfield's Unspoken Fourth Epistemological Insight" which is my personal favourite of the three tracks. There is a nice mix of rough and clean sounding vocals which are stronger on this track than the first two. There is a sense  of crescendo in the song with escalating musical layers and aggressive vocals being built up before being wound back down at the end of the track.

While the vocals were a little shaky at the start of the demo and the first track changed direction a little too often there is still some excellent potential in this demo. The vocals were much stronger in the last two tracks and the different instrumental parts more cohesive allowing the listener to just go with the music.

Check the demo out for yourself at the links below and I will be looking out for future releases from these guys!

Band Camp

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