Sunday, 18 December 2011

Heavy Metal Album Review - Illnath - Third Act in the Theatre of Madness

Illnath - Third Act in the Theatre of Madness (Pitch Black Records)
Rating : 8/10

Danish female fronted melodic death metal band Illnath have recently joined the roster of Pitch Black Records. Illnath released their third album "Third Act in the Theatre of Madness" in late November 2011 with a completely new line up comprised of original member Pete Falk on guitars, Mona Beck with vocals, Kenneth Frandsen on bass and session drummer Reno Killerich.

Mixing melodic instrumentation, aggressive vocals and bursts of energetic fast paced sound this album is a tour de force from start to finish. Mona’s harsh vocals interweave with some clean singing and spoken word sections to provide both contrast and depth with harmonic layering.

The drums are a solid back drop to the entire album driving the momentum along and forcing the listener to take the rollercoaster ride from the melodic to the extreme and back again.

The Guitar sections and bass lines have no fear of being forgotten and round off the entire album to give it the full and heavy sound you would expect from metal.

Highlights for me include the manic laughter on the opening track "Third Act", some excellent guitar parts on "Lead the Way", but "Snake of Eden" and "Fall of Giants" are still battling out for my favourite songs on the album, guess I’ll just have to keep listening!

The album is available digitally, however, the CD version comes with a bonus track worth hearing.

Track Listing:
1. Third Act
2. Scarecrow
3. Lead the Way
4. Snake of Eden
5. Shorthanded
6. Spring will Come
7. Tree of Life and Death
8. Fall of Giants
9. Vampiria
10. Kingship Incarnate (CD Bonus)

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