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Heavy Metal New Blood Band Profile : Karrion


Chris 'Chops' Boozington - Bass and backing vocals
Joe - Guitar and Lead Singer
Will - Drummer
Neil 'Nile' Cidermore - Guitar

Hailing from Basingstoke and formed in 2006 to play "good old heavy metal" by Joe, Ed (who has since left the band), Chris (Chops) and Will. With Joe, Ed and Chris having already played in a black metal band prior to Karrion and Will and Chris playing in bands over the years the foursome formed a band and Karrion was born.

Karrion released "Voyage of Treachery" in 2008 and have yet to release their follow up "Dr Beeching's Word", however, if the tracks available so far are an indication of things yet to come I will definitley be looking forward to hearing the follow up!

Facebook features two tracks "Dr Beechings Word" and "Broken Inside" the tracks have a good full heavy sound with clean but strong vocals and some excellent guitar sections. Mixing metal with fun while maintaining skillful instrumentation has definitely left me wanting to hear more and also thinking I'm sure these guys would be pretty awesome live!

Influences for the are band many including Megadeath, Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, Opeth, Katatonia and more. Katatonia may have supplied more than music influences when former member Ed's wife suggested the name carrion - meaning dead/rotting flesh - the name was well received but similar to Katatonia it was chosen to be spelt with a K rather than a C
"METAL!! Or more specifically Drunken Rusted Heavy Metal" - Will
Rather than being any particular genre the band are just four guys playing their favourite style, with the favourite style being 'Drunken Rusted Heavy Metal' not sure entirely what that entails well head over to their facebook page, get listening and all will become clear! Alternatively get yourself along to The Joiners in Southampton on 28th January 2012 to see the band play with Revoker!

And so onto the Heavy Metal Bullet interview questions answered by Will:
"My rib cage felt like Dot Cotton's lung afterwards, took a couple of weeks to recover from that, bloody hell!!"
Heavy Metal Bullet (HMB): What was the first Heavy Metal Album you bought?
Will (W): Good question! I believe mine was Slipknot's first self titled album.

HMB: What was the last Heavy Metal Album you bought/downloaded?
W: Mastodon's latest album, "The Hunter"

HMB: Do you own any albums you would be embarrassed to tell a metal head your own?
W: Plenty, where should I start? Probably has to be Enya, I forget the album name, but I bought it so I could do a drum n bass remix of Orinocco Flow with Alan Partridge samples, back in the days when I was learning how to use music software. Have to find a copy of it actually, long time no listen.

HMB: What's the strangest thing you've seen at a gig (your own or someone elses)?
W: Last year we played a gig in a beer tent at a battle re-enactment, loads of people dressed up as medieval fighters with pikes and armour and muskets etc (not sure that's the correct time period, but it was massively old school so you get the idea). Fun gig! We even got to join in a battle the next day which was like a really intense rugby scrum. My rib cage felt like Dot Cotton's lungs afterwards, took a couple of weeks to recover from that, bloody hell! Also, our band mascot 'Dave' usually gets some interesting looks (he consists of a dead goat's skull, massive wings and smoke comes out of his nose!)

HMB: Any funny band related stories you would like to share?
W: The usual drunken behaviour. The first Twangfest in Whitchurch was a classic. Sleeping in a van, waking up covered in sick, Chris and Joe hosing out the van the next day. Ah, it's all a bit of a fairy tale looking back on it actually...

HMB: Anything else at all you would like to share?
W: Go to our facebook and listen to the tracks there, also our myspace has tracks from the first E.P. too

And so without further ado those links where you can check these guys out, you won't regret it!

Big Cartel

Have a very Metal Christmas \m/

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  1. deffo the most handsome band to see live !