Monday, 5 December 2011

Heavy Metal New Blood EP Review : Witness the Fall - Self Titled

Witness The Fall - Self Titled
Rating : 4/5

Scottish metal band Witness the Fall are everything metal should be fast, loud and in your face with strong instrumental skills and crushing vocals. The energy of the EP is unrelenting throughout with what can only be described as absolutely brutal drumming underpinning the entire sound and keeping the momentum going.

Interjected at points with some excellent guitar solos particularly on “An End to Darkness” and “Darkest Hour (No Surrender)” and sections of spoken (or shouted) word. Overall the entire sound works really well together and is topped off by some brutal growling vocals.

The production of the EP is incredibly professional being able to hear all instruments at just the right level to deliver a high quality brutal assault on the ear drums.

My personal favourite track is the closer “Darkest Hour (No Surrender)” with it’s heavy on the distortion guitars, outstanding guitar solo supported as always by strong and brutal percussion. The chorus of “No, No Surrender” is sure to be a hit at live performances. Check out the video for this here 

So I am going to stop writing as right about now you should be hurtling over to one of the links below to check these guys out for yourselves, you won’t be disappointed!

Big Cartel
You Tube

Track Listing

1. An End to Darkness
2. Victory
3. The Dying Art of Integrity
4. The Tragedy of Man
5. Righteous Kill
6. Darkest Hour (No Surrender)

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