Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Heavy Metal New Blood Album Review : Final Silence - We are this for a Reason

Final Silence - We are this for a Reason
Rating : 7/10

Final Silence released their full length album "We are this for a Reason" in the summer of 2011.

From the outset the strong riffs and incessant percussion underpin the album combined with a mixture of aggressive rough vocals and clean vocals supported by occasional backing vocals, the album is an aural heavy weight from start to finish.

Although these elements are the driving force of the album it doesn't become repetitive with key changes, tempo changes, occasional slower instrumental sections and spoken word sections. The slower sections are swiftly blown away by interjections of fast paced drums and the sheer aggression in the vocals.

Stand out tracks for me include "You wanna rape this" with it's brief spoken word intro followed by passionate rough vocals and blasts of intense percussion. "What the hell's this crap supposed to be" is another good track with some excellent guitar work and pure heavy metal anger in the vocals.

This is a debut album that is definitely worth a listen, while leaning towards metalcore (not everyone's favourite I know but bear with me...) I think all but die hard purists will find something to enjoy in this album.

Don't take my word for it though, head over to soundcloud or facebook and check it out for yourself!


Track Listing:
1. Jaw Ripper
2. Collapse
3. You Wanna Rape This
4. I'm Just like You
5. What have we Done
6. What the hells this Crap supposed to be
7. Just for Once
8. Riding a Redhead
9. Wired at the Heart
10. Self Deliverance
11. I'll Die Fighting
12. Riding a Redhead (remix)

Keep calm and metal on \m/

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