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Heavy Metal New Blood Band Profile : Paean

Kevin: Vocals/Bass
Heiko: Guitars
Endrik: Guitars/Vocals
Magnus: Drums

Extreme progressive metallers Paean hail from Tallin, Estonia and formed in early 2009 after Heiko and Endrik met through an internet advert placed by Endrik looking to form a progressive death metal band. After trying out various drummers and vocalists they went on to originally become a five piece band, however, after the departure of their original bassist they are now down to four.

Paean describe their music on their facebook page “as an intense journey through diverse soundscapes, deriving inspiration from death/doom/black metal and ethereal acoustic interludes adding to the grim atmosphere”. This is certainly evident on their EP “Livium” (you can check out my review here), just released as a follow on from their demo “The Radiant Moon”

Their list of musical influences is extensive and includes Opeth, Gojira, Mastodon, Akercocke, Evoken and Esoteric. While the EP Livium definitely falls under the extreme progressive metal banner, the band are planning to diverge from this on future releases to move towards a “slower and darker, more doom influenced sound”

“I would label it simply, Extreme Progressive Metal” Heiko
Paean are already working towards creating the concept for and writing their first full length album, currently under the working title “Tower of Silence”. According to Heiko “Its going to be darker in tone, slower paced with more emphasis on the atmosphere (without raping the synths of course)” Recording should start mid to late next year. Paean are currently only gigging in Estonia but are working on plans for a Baltic tour next summer.

And so follows the usual interview questions, although with a slight difference this time as we share the views, opinions and revelations of the entire band...

Heavy Metal Bullet (HMB): What was the last album you bought/downloaded?
Heiko: Anathema – The Silent Enigma, some kind of special edition that came with a live DVD
Endrik: Metsațll РTerast Mis Hangunad Me Hinge (Original 1999 release, quite a gem)
Kevin: It was Opeth’s Heritage, but its on vinyl. I think that progressive rock and analogue record players are meant to be together. This way it is quite an experience
Magnus: I think it was a Behemoth album, I download so much things at the same time, I’m not sure

HMB: What was the first metal album you bought?
Heiko: The first metal album I got my hands on was Metallica S&M which is still a masterpiece in my opinion
Endrik: Linkin Park – Meteora, I think (It was a long time ago)
Magnus: The first album was Slipknot’s self-titled ’99 album. From there I started listening to metal
Kevin: Iron Maiden – Brave New World. Damn, I loved those galloping rhythms when I was younger it made me pick up my first guitar

HMB: Do you own any albums you would be embarrassed to tell a metalhead you own?
Heiko: I still have tons of Linkin Park and Limp Bizkit albums lying around from my teenage years. I also have Machine Head – Supercharger
Kevin: My metalhead friends would laugh if I said, I had one of Def Leppard’s album, it even  doesn’t matter which one, they would laugh  and I’d be embarrassed, just like I am right now...
Endrik: Greatest Hits from the 80s?

HMB:    What is the strangest thing you have seen at a gig (your own or someone elses)?
Magnus: Once I saw a fat guy stage dive, everyone would get out of the way and the poor guy just landed on the ground. Classic
Kevin: During one of our latest gigs, the front row was full of ladies, not just metalheads, which is really uncommon for an underground death/doom metal band, yes even in Estonia
Endrik: Someone asked me to show my genitals during a concert for some reason

HMB: Are there any funny band related stories you can share?
Magnus: One show I only had one crash cymbal, I would the sometimes hit the air thinking I had two cymbals.
Endrik: Not much. We invented balloon wrestling during a metal festival. It was enjoyable heresthe link

So all that’s left now is for you to head over to their facebookpage and check them out...

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