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Heavy Metal New Blood Band Profile - Final Silence

Final Silence

Willie - Vocals
Swan - Bass/Backing Vocals
Dave - Guitars/Keys
Cowie - Drums

Final Silence a Heavy Metal Band from Stirlingshire/Clackmannanshire formed in February 2006. Formed from the remnants of a prior band and after going through various line up changes the band settled on their current incarnation in March 2010.

With influences within the band ranging from thrash, hardcore, melodic, metalcore and nu-metal the band don't pin themselves down to one specific genre of metal music. They consider themselves an all round metal act "drawing from sub-genres to make a whole sound"

Clearly not one for resting on their laurels Final Silence have released three demos between 2007 and 2008, followed by a debut EP "Past Remains" in 2009, a follow up EP "Dawn on a new Day" in 2010 and then their debut full length album "We are this for a Reason" in the summer of 2011. You can check out the Heavy Metal Bullet review of "We are the Reason" here

Even with all these releases the band are not complacent and are constantly writing new material. They are also planning on touring around the UK to promote their album... Heavy Metal Bullet are definitely hoping for a London date!

" grim it would be to be in the presence of a person's dying breath, or more poetically their final silence" - Willie
So furthering my curiosity on how band names came about I asked Final Silence about how where there name came from and the response was a lot deeper (and albeit grimmer) than I had anticipated!
Willie informed me "The name of the band came about in two ways, one whilst watching star wars and realising the hollow silence after a persons final breath and how grim it would be, to be in the presence of a person's dying breath or more poetically their final silence"

Willie (Vocals) answered the Heavy Metal Bullet interview questions:
"They have all been burned. Think I must have been on an acid trip!!" - Willie

Heavy Metal Bullet (HMB): What was the first Heavy Metal Album you bought?
Willie (W): The First Metal album I ever got was Korn - Follow the Leader

HMB: What was the last Heavy Metal Album you bought/downloaded?
W: Limp Bizkit - Golden Cobra

HMB: Do you own any albums you would be embarrassed to tell a metalhead you own?
W: Paramore! But they have all been burned. Think I must have been on an acid trip!

HMB: What's the strangest thing you have seen at a gig (your own or someone else's)?
W: Fans pitting over a two pence coin... which I was a part of!

HMB: Any Funny related band stories:
W: Just the usual staying over night in a hotel and being wasted then looking at the state of each other the morning after!! Hahah, classic!!

HMB: Anything else you would like to share?
W: Final Silence have two Music Videos out on you tube:
Single from Dawn of a New Day - "Jon Kandi"
Single from We are this for a Reason - "What have we Done"

So head over to the below pages to check out this band...

Keep Calm and Metal On \m/

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