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Heavy Metal New Blood Band Profile : Plague of Ashitaka

Plague of Ashitaka

Ed Fairman
Doug Hayman
Kyle Syrett
Alastair Brash

Brighton/London based metallers Plague of Ashitaka were formed in 2008 by guitarist Doug Hayman and vocalist Ed Fairman while at University. Described by Ed as a "fortunate coincidence" with two friends having similar interests and an aim to write creative music that would stand out. After experimentation including a definite emphasis on cohesive lyrical content and laying down tracks in their bedroom the band expanded to include Kyle Syrett and Alastair Brash in the final line-up.

Plague of Ashitaka have recently released an EP the first of a two part inception "Eldar Luminaries" you can check out the review here.

Musically their influences include a lot of black metal and contemporary death metal bands but inspiration is also taken from certain sludge and doom acts as well as "various eclectic blends of music styles outside the "metal" genre". Lyrically the focus is on astrology, landscape and anatomy with influences from fantasy novels and cosmologists such as including Sagan, Kepler and Galileo.

In keeping with other band profiles and a trend Heavy Metal Bullet fully supports Plague of Ashitaka don't advertise themselves as falling into any specific genres believing these are more to keep up with recent trends. They aim to include various styles within their music with elements of technical thrash, death and black,
"Over the years we've been labelled as many things and so we never really categorise ourselves" Ed Fairman

Plague of Ashitaka will be touring the UK early next year to promote their album and will also be working hard on the second part of the two part inception following on from the concept of Eldar Luminaries

Vocalist Ed Fairman answered the Heavy Metal Bullet interview questions...
"Lesson learned : never give keys to your guitarist." Ed Fairman
Heavy Metal Bullet (HMB): What was the last album you bought/downloaded?
Ed Fairman (EF): Altar of Plagues - "Mammal" - incredible atmospheric blackened metal from the forges of Ireland

HMB: What was the first album you bought/downloaded?
EF: Death - The Sound of Perserverence

HMB: Do you own any albums you would be embarrased to tell a metalhead you own?
EF: Wham! - "Make it Big" or the Top Gun soundtrack (both of which tend to be the most accessible albums whilst on tour)

HMB: What is the strangest thing you have seen at a gig?
EF: A male dancing provocatively in a luminous green Lycra full-body suit to our whole set on our latest tour of the UK. Like a glow in the dark human shaped/sized condom. We haven't seen it since

HMB: Are there any funny band related stories you can share?
EF: We've had a fair few funny and hair-raising incidents. Picking one of them from random, we were on our first day of the tour when our guitarist locked our keys in the solid rear part of our van with all our equipment. In the freezing winter, it took over half a dozen people, 3 hours, a coat hanger, various bent objects, a hefty lump of patience and sore fingers to finally get them our. Lesson learned : never give keys to your guitarist.

HMB: Anything else you would like to share?
EF: Thank you for all the continued support from our loyal listeners. If you like our music please continue to support us by buying the album.

So make sure to check these guys out at the links below:

Facebook Page
"Onyx Scroll" music video
Buy the Album at Big Cartel or Itunes

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