Sunday, 20 November 2011

Heavy Metal New Blood EP Review: Zombie Eating Horse - What about the Sheep

Zombie Eating Horse : What about the Sheep
Rating 2.5/5

Zombie Eating Horse hail from Los Angeles and have just made their debut EP What about Sheep available for download. The band definitely has a distinctive sound with an almost constant full and heavy sound complimented by strong guttural vocals.

Key themes across the album showcase guitars and vocals working in tandem and often alternating before kicking back in with the brutal heaviness. “Lovely” has an almost industrial sounding start and finish which is echoed across other tracks with the use of feedback to close the tracks.

Bass and percussion are hard to pick out on the individual tracks on the EP with the exception of the first kick in on “Lovely” and throughout “What about the Sheep”

For me the stand out track is the title track “What about the Sheep” the vocal styles are more versatile and both guitars and percussion can be heard distinctively throughout the track. This track also has a slower tempo section in the mid section which provides an interesting diversion from the rest of the EP before being dragged back to the depths of heaviness with the guttural scream of “Fuck You”.

The rating may seem low on this review but it should be kept in mind that the same rating scale is used for both established bands and new bands so the 2.5 is reflective of the fact the EP shows some raw talent and excellent potential but may be let down by the overall mixing and production quality, which cannot be expected to be of the same quality as releases by major artists or record labels. The band shows good promise and I will definitely be keeping an ear out for future releases.

The EP is available for download on Sound Cloud and watch out for the Band Profile coming up on Heavy Metal Bullet in a couple of days

Track Listing:
1. Lovely
2. Alarm
3. Trash Foot
4. What about the Sheep
5. Zombie Eating Horse

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