Monday, 7 November 2011

Heavy Metal New Blood Band Profile : AMPORA

Matt Mufalli: Lead Vocals
Matt Emburgia: Guitar, Vocals
Evan Magness: Bass, Vocals
Kyle Rector: Drums
John Huldt: Guitar

LA Based band Ampora were formed only a couple of years ago despite Matt Mufalli and Matt Emburgia having met in New Jersey at the age of four. After a year of writing and auditioning the line up was completed with Evan Magness, Kyle Rector & John Huldt. Ampora released their first EP “Last Chance” in May this year (check out my review).

I caught up with Matt Mufalli to find out a bit more about the band. Their influences stem from all metal music with musical interests in the band ranging from thrash metal to metalcore and their aim is to draw on the diverse influences to come up with an original sound to span many genres. In fact when I asked about what genre they would consider themselves to fit into in today’s metal scene the answer was a response after my own heart “Honestly, I don't love how specific genres in metal are today. I come from the school of thought, if it is heavy it is metal.” This fits with the EP “Last Chance” which I would struggle to fit into any one of the main genres let alone the more specific sub genres, it has something for pretty much everyone

“If it’s heavy it’s metal” Matt Mufalli

They are currently working on writing their full length album “which will be a continuation of what we achieved with Last Chance and it will bring even more to the table”. Metallers on the west coast of the US will be able to check out Ampora live as they are touring with Japanese band End of Days in December.

And now the interview questions...

Heavy Metal Bullet (HMB): What was the last album you bought?
Matt Mufalli (MM): The last album I bought was Machine Head "Locust" and it fucking rules.

HMB: What was the first metal album you bought?
MM: Metallica's black album. Classic.

HMB: Do you own any albums that you would be embarrassed to tell a metalhead you own?
MM: I am not embarrassed because I think musicians and songwriters can learn a lot from listening to other genres of music. That being, I own albums that are everything from country to pop punk to gangster rap.

HMB: What is the strangest thing you have seen at a gig?
MM: When I was a kid I went to a Marilyn Manson show and saw one of the fans there get cornered by security. At that point, he took out all of drugs in his pocket, swallowed them all at once and then started to claim he was the second coming of Jesus. It was quite entertaining and definitely left an impression on me.

HMB: Anything else that you would like to share?
MM: Just to please listen to the music of Ampora. First and foremost that is what is about for us and we hope you like our first release "Last Chance" and you will like our others to come.

So you heard the man head over to Ampora’s website and check out the EP “Last Chance”, I sincerely doubt you will be disappointed and I am looking forward to future releases from this band.

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