Saturday, 5 November 2011

Heavy Metal New Blood EP Review : Ampora - Last Chance

Ampora Last Chance (EP - Unsigned) 
Released 10.05.11
Rating : 4/5

The first in my series of Heavy Metal New Blood reviews, which will focus on newer or less well known bands who have just released/or are in the process of releasing debut albums or EPs, sees me focusing on Ampora, an LA Based metal band and their EP “Last Chance”

The first two songs on the EP “Designing a Downfall” and “Blissful Greed” provide a firm introduction to the music and introduce some of what stand out to me as the key components of Ampora’s music with fast paced percussion both interlacing and alternating with strong guitar highlights and sections to get you head banging with the best of them. The background chanting and singing compliment the passionate and guttural growling of the lead vocals and mix seamlessly together to give a full and heavy sound to the tracks.

The next track “Endangered” starts with brief slow atmospheric section before the drums and guitars kick in. There are more clean vocals on this track which again contrast well with the overlaying rough and heavy vocals. The spoken word section in “Endangered” provides an interesting diversion from previous tracks and is followed by an impressive virtuosic guitar solo. This particular track is definitely my favourite on the EP.

Moving onto “The Great Disappearance “ this starts with a dark and heavy intro allowing you to take a quick breath at the pause and then kicks straight back into the layering of drums, bass and guitars that lead to the gradual crescendo growling and background vocals. With tempo changes during the song and catchy lyrics this track was definitely fierce competition for my favourite on the EP.

Onto the final track “Suffering” while there seems to be a lot going on throughout the song with strong beats, intricate guitars and growling it sounds good. Slower sections contrast well with the orchestrated chaos of the rest of the song to keep you on edge and draw you back into the song over and over again.

Overall this is an impressive debut EP. The Production and mixing are excellent with the overall mix of percussion, guitars and vocals seeming just right and allowing each section their own chance to shine. Ampora are definitely a band to watch for future releases and make sure to get the EP from their website

Heavy Metal New Blood Band Profile of Ampora to follow on Monday be sure to check it out!

Track Listing.
1.       Designing a Downfall
2.       Blissful Greed
3.       Endangered
4.       The Great Disappearance
5.       Suffering

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