Monday, 21 November 2011

Heavy Metal Album Releases 21st - 30th November

So with almost 40 to choose from in Heavy Metal Bullet's list alone I have highlighted two of the albums I am looking forward to hearing once they are released tomorrow 22.11.11 and hope to follow up with a review:

Acherontas the trailer for the album (soon to be added to the Heavy Metal Bullet You Tube channel) has definitely caught my attention so will be sure to check this one out.

Behemoth - Demonica: Am looking forward to it because it's well Behemoth...

And in other releases (in alphabetical order):

Andromeda : Manifest Tyranny (Inner Wound Recording) 25.11.11
Asking Alexandria : Stepped up and Scratched (Stand up and Scream remix) (Sumerian) 21.11.11
Cage : Supremacy of Steel (Heavy Metal Media) 25.11.11
Cathedral : Anniversary (Rise Above) 22.11.11
Chasma : Declarations of the Grand Artificer (Moribund) 22.11.11
Dead : Hardnaked but Dead (FDA Rekotz) 22.11.11
Dim Mak : The Emergence of Reptillian Altars (Willowtip) 29.11.11
Eagleheart : Dream Therapy (Scarlet) 29.11.11
Enid : Munsalvaesche (Code 666) 29.11.11
Evergrey : A Decade and a Half (SPV) 22.11.11
From the Depths : Back to Life 22.11.1
Funerus : Reduced to Sludge (Ibex Moon) 22.11.11
Geinazaug : The Wretched Dominion 29.11.11
In the Midst of Lions : Shadows 22.11.11
Infernal Legion : The Spear of Longinus (Moribund) 22.11.11
Kambrium : Shadowpath 25.11.11
Macabre : Gloom (Hammerheart) 21.11.11
Mystic Prophecy : Ravenlord (Massacre) 25.11.11
Nemesea : The Quiet Resistance (Napalm) 22.11.11
Nine Covens : On the Coming of Darkness (Candlelight) 29.11.11
Nucleus Torn : Golden Age 25.11.11
Riot : Immortal Soul (SPV) 22.11.11
Root : Heritage of Satan (Agonia) 22.11.11
Rough Angel : Hear the Angels Rock! 30.11.11
Royal Hunt : Show me How to Live 29.11.11
Satan's Host : Celebration For the Love of Satan (Moribund) 22.11.11
Sunn O : OO Void (Southern Lord) 22.11.11
Svolk : Svolk em All (Napalm) 22.11.11
Tenhi : Saivo 25.11.11
The Dead Lay Waiting : Almost Heaven (Rising) 29.11.11
The Rotted : Ad Nauseum (Candlelight) 29.11.11
The Unguided : Hell Frost 30.11.11
Vektor : Outer Isolation (Heavy Artillary) 22.11.11
Vengeful : Vengeful 29.11.11
Vildhjarta : Masstaden (Century Media) 29.11.11
Virgin Steele : Age of Consent (re-release) (SPV) 22.11.11
Voodoo Six : Falling Knives 28.11.11

So much to choose from so little time, don't forget to "like" on facebook or follow @HvyMetalBullet on twitter to receive updates as and when posts are uploaded.

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