Saturday, 26 November 2011

Heavy Metal Album Review : Acherontas - Vamachara

Acherontas  Vamachara (Agonia Records)
Rating : 4/5

The third full length album from Greek metallers Archerontas begins with a deceptively slow atmospheric opening track. Its spoken word section supported by ethereal backing vocals does nothing to prepare you for the brutal wall of sound that will hit you with the remaining tracks on the album.

Guitars and vocals (both spoken word and growling) are the prominent individual sounds on the album as a whole with sections of strong sounding percussion for example on “Blood Current Illumination”, however, these individual instruments are always surrounded by an all encompassing pure heavy sound with a lot of use made of distortion. This serves to give the whole album a unifying presence of full, heavy in your face noise. Having said this the tempo changes throughout the tracks provide enough distinction to avoid the album sounding like one continuous track

The title track “Vamachara” is one of the stand out tracks for me kicking straight in with the brutal heaviness I have come to expect and with some of the most passionate rough vocals on the album. Tempo changes and an excellent guitar solo towards the end. Also “Ohm Krim Kali” which from an ominous slow start heavy on percussion ebbs and flows as more layers and volume are added to the music and then stripped back down and the spoken word vocals fit well with this track.

Overall an album for lovers of the heavy sound which while being consistently good has enough diversity to hold the attention. It definitely has me reaching for the back catalogue.

1. Opening the eye of the storm
2.  Blood Current Illumination
3.  Abraxas
4. Ohm Krim Kali 
5.  Beyond the Mazeways to Ophidian Gnosis
6. Drakonian Womb

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