Thursday, 17 November 2011

Heavy Metal Book Review: Corey Taylor & Seb Hunter

Corey Taylor - Seven Deadly Sins
Rating : 4/5

While this book includes anecdotes and some background on Slipknot/Stone Sour vocalist Corey Taylor's life it is a far cry from the usual biography style book presented by musicians. Rather this book takes you on a weird and wonderful journey through the inner thought processes of the mind of Corey Taylor. The content is exactly what it says on the tin, the seven deadly sins, or should I say why they are definitely not deadly and not even really sins. Corey also puts forward an alternative list of Seven Deadly Sins which any remotely decent human being would have to agree with.

While the subject matter may sound deep there is enough silliness and sarcasm scattered through the book to keep the reader entertained and he manages to stay on the right side of being preachy. Not only did I find the book through provoking, not least the thought was I supposed to agree with everything that was being said, but also entertaining and would definitely recommend it for a good read

Seb Hunter - Hell Bent for Leather
Rating : 2/5

With a book cover littered with recommendations I picked this up despite not having heard of the author, however, within the first chapter I found myself reacting with annoyance. The book is the true story of a boy who receives his first guitar at the age of 14 and the trials and tribulations of trying to be in a metal band when you come from Winchester.

Now music is a very subjective thing and everyone is entitled to their own opinion (which is what gives the extra point in the rating from my original 1/5), however, I found the opinions just too closed minded for me to enjoy reading, especially as they are laid out as if they are heavy metal law and he is speaking for all fans. So what annoyed me try these for starters:

Thrash Metal was like the punk revolution without the credibility
Metallica are not worth listening to (even back in the early days)
You shouldn't even listen to a metal band if they don't all have long hear (Hello - Slayer - Kerry King)
You shouldn't listen to a band if they have a keyboard (Rammstein anyone?)
Slagging off bands at every Donnigton Monsters of Rock there ever was and then admitting he had never been

Ok am going to stop as getting myself annoyed again, around the only bands I could work out that he liked were AC/DC, Kiss and Hanoi Rocks... so if you like those bands and agree with the comments above then probably a good book for you but unfortunately not for me.


  1. That's an honest review, nice one!

  2. Thanks Danny, the Seb Hunter was a difficult one to do as obviously a personal opinion just so different from mine!