Saturday, 11 February 2012

Heavy Metal New Blood EP Review: Trauma Theatre - Promo 2012

Trauma Theatre - Promo 2012
Rating: 6.5/10

The three track EP from Finnish metallers Trauma Theatre with its interesting title was release in January 2012 and is a follow up from their demo EP in 2010.

The first track "Don't Let Me Down" is very reminiscent of Soilwork to me, but being a fan of Soilwork that is not a problem for me! The distorted guitars with the drums behind start the track simply but well and then the rough, aggressive vocals kick in. The pace picks up with some hard percussion becoming fairly dominant leading up to the chorus with its mixture of clean and rough vocals. A good start so far..

Track two "Dream" starts with a more electronica sound before the guitars and percussion kick in. The guitar riff and vocals seem a little at odds with each other at times less so with the clean vocal parts though. This is probably a weaker track than the first, it has some good instrumental parts but I think the mixing of guitars and vocals probably needs a little work.

So the third and final track "Last Time" starts off a lot better than the third track and the riff definitely compliments the vocals on this. The vocals are probably the most aggressive on this track than the others and short bass and drum section about half way through is a nice change of tempo. This would be my favourite of the three tracks.

So if you're a fan of melodic death, metalcore, and probably a hundred other sub genre names that could be used to describe this, then this is one for you to check out!

Track Listing:
1. Dont' Let Me Down
2. Dream
3. Last Time


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