Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Heavy Metal New Blood Album Review - Turbyne - Destroyer Creator

Turbyne - Destroyer Creator
Rating:  7/10

After the slow, atmospheric instrumental "The Inevitable", in kicks the heavy and strong guitars and drums of "The Void". The music gradually builds up layers adding some more complicated guitar sections and the rough vocals of the verse gradually give way to the bordering on clean vocals of the chorus. With a solid guitar solo thrown in for good measure this is a good start to the Album

"The Successor" then kicks in with a sound much heavier on percussion backed up with an intricate layer of guitar playing. The vocals are more death metal on the verses than the previous track but again brings in clean vocals for the chorus. The combination works pretty well creating a contrast in the track while the music behind remains consistently heavy and again the guitar solo really kicks it.

So far so good and onto "Cheap Death" while maintaining the heaviness the tempo of the track is slower than "The Successor" and the verse goes straight into the clean vocals in contrast to the previous two tracks. This fits better than the death metal style vocals would have and creates a quite atmospheric start to the track before the heavier vocals kick in for a couple of lines. I would probably class this as the weakest track on the album, it feels like it needs a little bit more energy as I keep expecting something a little more from it, if more of the track had matched the ending then I think it would have been a stronger song on the album.

And so the closer "Dedicated Warlord" this kicks in heavier than "Cheap Death" and the fast guitars over the simple but fast and effective drum beat line up perfectly for the rough vocals to enter with more brutality than earlier tracks particularly while growling "Warlord!". Once again the clean vocals come in for the chorus and while there is enough in the music to sustain the heaviness I think this track could maybe have benefited from the harsher vocals all the way through.

While a little formulaic at times with the rigid verse chorus structure the music has enough diversity across the album to prevent this becoming too repetitive and the guitar solos are outstanding in all the tracks. The contrast between clean and heavy vocals works well but again could be mixed up a little more.

This is a solid album and definitely puts Turbyne in my bands to watch out for list!

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