Thursday, 9 February 2012

Heavy Metal New Blood Profile : Sparzanza


Calle Johannesson - Guitar
Johan Carlsson - Bass
Fredrik Weileby - Vocals
Anders Aberg - Drums
Magnus Eronen - Guitar

Swedish metallers Sparzanza formed in 1996 with a slightly different line up to now but by 2009 the band was in its current incarnation.

The band are currently in the studio working on a new album set for release in September 2012 and have a few gigs coming up in Finland as well as a summer festival and plan on embarking on a major tour at the end of this year to promote the new album.

Sparzanza's influences are "hard and heavy music that also has very good melodies" ranging from bands like W.A.S.P. to Slipknot.

While not new blood, having released 5 albums to date, the band were still new to me but after taking a listen at their offerings I felt compelled to share. You can be sure a review will be coming up soon but for now let me introduce you to the band via some interview questions!

Heavy Metal Bullet (HMB): How did the name Sparzanza come about?
Sparzanza (S): The name is taken from a character in an old movie. The character is a pimp but no-one in the band can actually remember what movie it was taken from.

HMB: What was the first Heavy Metal Album you bought?
S: It was something with KISS. Can't actually remember if it was "Destroyer" or "Creatures of the Night"

HMB: What was the last Heavy Metal Album you bought?
S: Vulkan "Mask of Air" not really Heavy Metal, but still!!!

HMB: Do you own any albums you would be embarrased to tell a metal head you own?
S: Not Really, I think I may have some old singles that I bought as a kid and some vinyl album by Boney M. But nothing that I'm really embarrassed to tell about.

HMB: What's the strangest thing you have seen at a gig?
S: A lot of things! Once there was a midget that was hanging in the ceiling at a small rock club and no one helped him down so he was holding on like crazy not to fall down. Otherwise there is always weird things happening in the audience; people fighting and doing other weird shit ‘cause of too many beers. On one of our early tours in Finland, in a very small club, all of a sudden two girls was making out just I front of me. I mean not just kissing, really making out! I kinda lost it then and had a hard time focus on my performance.

HMB: Any Funny band related stories you would like to share?
S: On tour funny things happen all the time. But some things you never forget. Like when we accidently bomb threatened the Eiffel Tower in Paris. We forgot a small case, which carried our drummers kick pedal, under the tower. And when we noticed and went back to look for it, there was cops everywhere, and the area around the case was cleared. Well, I can’t really blame them. Think about it, you’re on vacation in Paris, about to go up in the tower to get a good view and you notice a black, plastic case, with a snake printed on it and it says “Iron Cobra” on it. And no one is around. Well, if I did not know I would be nervous too

So while waiting on the new album release later this year you can check out any of the previous five albums:

“Angels Of Vengeance” 2001
“Into The Sewers” 2003
“Banisher Of The Light” 2007
“In Voodoo Veritas” 2009
“Folie รก Cinq” 2011

and be sure to head over to their sites to check them out!

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  1. Thank you for your article, was fun to read :)
    Keep an eye on Sparzanza, they definitely deserve it ;)

    Seb (The Black Cult Germany)