Monday, 16 July 2012

Heavy Metal New Blood Profile: Want For Destruction

Want For Destruction:
Rob Brown : Vox
Gary Durrant: Guitar
Luke Brown: Guitar
Andy Appleton: Drums
Duff Valley: Bass

I had the pleasure of watching these metallers from Great Yarmouth earlier this year (check out the review here) and they have been firmly on my radar ever since.

Formed in 2010 when brothers Rob and Luke joined forces with Gary and Andy and the rest as they say was history...

With influences from Pantera and Machine Head to Johnny Cash Want For Destruction write tracks with heavy groove based riffs and crushing breakdowns. Want For Destruction are currently working on a new release but you can check out their EP "This is the End" on their facebook page (details at the end).

Heavy Metal Bullet caught up with Want For Destruction to find out a bit more about the band and it's members:

Heavy Metal Bullet (HMB): How did the name Want For Destruction come about?
Luke Brown (LB): We had band practice one night and randomly Rob said he wants destruction at our first gig, just destroy the crowd, the venue and all other bands (in a musical sense)

HMB: Would you consider yourself as part of a specific genre and if so which one?
Duff Valley (DV): We don't really like to bracket ourselves into a genre. We are just a kick ass live Metal band.
Andy Appleton (AA): I consider us Groove Metal
Rob Brown (RB): I don't care to be honest, as long as people like our stuff it doesn't matter. We don't do genre bollocks, we write what we like.
LB: Norfolk Metal, it's new and it's the future
Gary Durrant (GD): I agree, we said from the start we will play what we like and let everyone else put us in a genre, we are Metal.

HMB: What's the strangest thing you've ever seen at a gig?
DV: At a gig in London in bad weather,  a cyclist was hit by a car. Not too badly as he then got up and ran to the car, pulled the driver out and kicked the crap out of him.
AA: I always like the coked up middle aged woman who likes to "wave" dance... never gets old
RB: Probably out friend Alex, completly destroyed, getting thrown from a pit doing a javelin head straight into the side of the stage we were playing. How his neck didn't snap is beyond me, he was a mess that night, in fact we all were.

HMB: Any funny band related stories you would like to share?
RB: Not even my band knows this one haha! I ripped my jeans during a gig in Norwich, and played the last few songs with a ball hanging out LOL. I'm gonna get shit for that one now. The funny bit was me trying to go through the photographs Monday morning, trying to make sure my ginger ball wasn't plastered all over facebook. I got lucky there. I also do get a sick laugh out of getting a crowd to shout "POW" in honour of our manager Simon, I know he hates it... Probably hates it even more now that it's stuck!
AA: This is EASY! Duff needing to piss desperatly, it was snowed up, barely moving and it was roughly 16 miles to the next service stop. He moaned like hell for us to pull over but we couldn't and caused mass panic by getting his dick out and threatening to piss in a bottle, which he did... I have a recording of this panic, would be happy to post it..
HMB: I'm thinking the mental image is enough for now!

So go ahead and check these guys out, that being an order rather than a request!


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