Friday, 27 July 2012

Heavy Metal Album Review : Seven Deadly - The Allegiance EP

Seven Deadly - The Allegiance EP
Rating: 6.5/10
Words by Jack King

Seven Deadly are a metalcore mob who "rose from the ashes of Panic Cell" and intend to raise hell with their EP "The Allegiance". They show promise but will need to work hard in order to surpass their former band.

The first track kicks off with a speedy riff that turns into an ultra heavy introduction. After an aggressive scream the song hits with hard rock melodies mixing with metalcore riffs and heavy vocals. The whole thing blends together to create an interesting beefy tune. 

Moving on though the next few songs seem to lose that interesting spark and become average metalcore songs with a lack of hooks or big choruses that make bands like Killswitch Engage seem larger than life. The lyrics seem cliché and lack depth whilst the clean vocals seem relatively weary without the hard rock hooks that worked so well in the first track. The tracks "Blood on Your Hands" and "From this Darkness" are patched with chugging riffs that bring back some much needed character to the EP. "From this Darkness" also features the catchiest chorus and it is easy to understand why it was chosen for the band's debut single.

Having said all of the above this still isn't a bad EP, however, it's nothing new or interesting after the first track. The heavy vocals have a great blend of passion and aggression and if you're a huge metalcore addict then there is no reason why you won't enjoy this EP, but for someone who owns every Chimaira album this is an EP that will probably not be missed.

The band definitely has potential, this is clear, but it would be good to see Seven Deadly become more that just another metalcore band. If they manage to develop this sound into something that we haven't heard before then they could easily be better than Panic Cell.

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