Thursday, 12 April 2012

Where to Promote your Metal Band : Metal Thunder Radio

Metal Thunder Radio

Some of you may have noticed that Heavy Metal Bullet teamed up with Metal Thunder Radio a little while ago to join forces on a Band of the Week feature. The feature gives bands exposure not only on Heavy Metal Bullet but also on Metal Thunder Radio.

Now is time to get to know a little more about Metal Thunder Radio. Scott and Brian kindly answered some interview questions to give you an insight.

HMB: When did the radio show start?
MTR: Our first show was on Tuesday, March 13th 2012

HMB: What was the main reason for starting the radio show?
Scott: Our main goal was to be a voice for all the unsigned and signed underground bands around the world. It's hard to get your music out there, we know because we both used to be in a band together so we wanted to help.
Brian: Yeah we want to be the focal point for underground music from all over the world. To be a centralised place where people can come and discover great music that they would not otherwise be exposed to.

HMB: What do you think is the single most important thing for a new band to do to promote themselves?
Scott: Support their local scene! I cannot stress this enough. Social media like Facebook and Twitter is great and everything, but you have to get out there and be seen. And you have to support other bands. You can't expect people to come to your show, without ever going to one of their shows.
Brian: Definitely. New bands need to show their face anywhere and everywhere. Support and respect go a long way in the underground scene. Remember you are part of a bigger overall community and if you want people to come down to your shows and buy your merchandise, you need to do the same for other bands.

HMB: Any other tips for promoting bands?
Scott: Work hard, play shows and do everything you can to get your music out there. If you're good you'll get noticed.
Brian: Hard work is one of the most important things. Writing and recording is only part of the process. You need to go out to your local clubs. Get to know the local promoters. Show that you're willing to do what it takes to get people in the door for your shows. If that means going out to a club to show face and support other bands even though you have worked all day and are dead tired that is what you have to do. Remember nothing will be handed to you, you need to work for everything you get.

HMB: What are your own personal music tastes?
Scott: Old school metal, hard rock and classic rock. I grew up in the 1980s so my tastes are along the lines of Slayer, old Metallica, Iron Maiden, early Def Leppard, Black Sabbath etc. But I also love classic rock acts like Grand Funk Railroad, Boston and even some of the Top 40 stuff from the 80s.
Brian: Definitely old school metal, thrash, death metal, classic and southern rock. Bands like Slayer, Testament, old Metallica, Overkill, Death, The Doors, Black Sabbath etc

HMB: Anything else you would like to add?
Brian: Like Scott said earlier, we played in a band for a better part of a decade. We played everywhere from CBGB's to L'Amours, from NY to California and everywhere in between. We played with national acts like Nuclear Assault, Type O Negative, Carnivore and played shows to nobody. We know what its like to be in the underground scene. I think that experience helps shape the radio show and its content. There are a lot of great bands out there looking to get exposure any way they can and hopefully we can help.

So head on over to the website and tune in on a Tuesday to experience Metal Thunder Radio for yourselves.

Metal Thunder Radio Website

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