Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Heavy Metal New Blood Band Profile : Orylyus


Andy Joinson - Vocals
Ashley Guest - Drums
Matt Ensor - Guitar
Colin Trent - Guitar
Jason Riggs - Bass
iPod (black 160gb) - Backing Track

Formed in 2010 Birmingham based metallers Orylyus released their six track EP "Stories Heard... Yet Not Recalled" in December 2011 and Heavy Metal Bullet had the pleasure of reviewing it, you can check that out right here

The band class themselves as purely "Metal" but with influences from the Industrial and Melodic Death scenes, and in a view reminiscent of this writer believe "the idea of all these sub-genres is becoming a bit silly... like electro mass murder happy flowercore"

The band is currently going through an image change as they don't want the metal scene to think they are black metal (face paint) so there will be a new, but still faithful to the old, image, logo and a new beginning for the new EP. New releases will take a harder hitting approach to the music and the band warn to be ready for melodic noise.

And then onto the Heavy Metal Bullet questions, and I can say without doubt this is definitely a band with personality!
"I bloody legged it up the road to my train station... in a kilt"
HMB: How did the band name come about?
Orylyus: Well the name is a made up word created from around about 3 words (English and Foreign), with the final meaning being "Put the Fear back into the Fearless"

HMB: What's the first Heavy Metal Album you bought?
Andy: Well the closest to heavy metal I first received was Skid Row's "Skid Row", what a great fuckin album!! First I bought was Korn's self titled debut.
Ashley: The first CD I bought was Korn's "Follow the Leader" I then went on to buy Metallica's Black album

HMB: What's the most recent Heavy Metal album you bought/downloaded?
Andy: Woods of Ypres "Grey Skies and Electric Nights"... Amazing band.
Ashley: Hahahaha the last CD I bought... erm... its been a while since I've bought once from a store... I'm poor. Romeo Must Die, that's it the latest one "Hardships in Season" for £2... Bargain! Go see them live they do crazy things like announcing they are selling their album for £2 haha
HMB: Having seen Romeo Must Die I would totally agree you should go see them live!

HMB: Do you have any albums in your collection you would be embarrassed to tell a metal head you own?
Andy: Ok... nothing I'd be too embarrassed to show anyone really... I know I'm into some dreadful stuff lol... so Aqua!! That's gonna be the one I say here lol... trust me give it a chance
HMB: (coughs discretely) and moving on...
Ashley: No but I've got plenty of Metal I'd be ashamed to show a pop fan!

HMB: Strangest thing you have seen at a gig?
Andy: Mortiis
Ashley: Pints for £2.50!! Girls at a Rush gig!

HMB: Any funny band related stories?
Andy: I'll leave this one to Ash...
Ashley: Myself and our bassist Jason were in Frankfurt for the weekend to see Rush. After the gig we went out for many a drink and I parted ways with him at 5.30am to go home. After narrowly avoiding being beaten up I decided to get a McDonalds. So I was walking down the street with my Big Mac in hand and a rather dirty looking prostitute started shouting at me in German. I decided to ignore her, as you do, but she was having none of it and tried to grab my food. I was having none of that so pushed her away from me only for her to stumble backwards and fall over a bin (in a rather comedic fashion I may add). Leaving her with her legs up in the air and not wanting to be beaten up by any pimps I bloody legged it up the road to my train station... in a Kilt
Andy: See, I have stories but I can't beat that...

So go check out the album and you will not be disappointed and want to know more about the band then you can check out these handily placed links right here!
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  1. Hahaha
    Scottish Ashley in a kilt in Germany looking like an Icelandic Braveheart with a hooker. Priceless!!

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