Monday, 20 August 2012

Heavy Metal New Blood EP Review - Bleeding - Bleeding EP

Bleeding - Bleeding EP
Rating 7/10
Words By Jack King

When the buzzword "Djent" inevitably dies out and the world is full of heavy tech metal style bands, the prog-metal world will cry out for something atmospheric and creative once more. That's when Bleeding can capitalise. Bleeding are a "metal project" from Germany who ooze of progressive metal and experimentalism.

We see the ambience that Bleeding create instantly with an odd electric beginning to the opening track "Tempest Of Colours", this digital intro quickly turns into a heavy thrash style riff that would make a Slayer fan smile. Haye Graf's vocals sound as operatic as Devin Townsend but at times can become strained like Joey Belladona's, they can sound awkward and out of place detracting from the atmosphere. The song writing is great and clever, with a sneaky "Master of Puppets" reference.

"Voices" the second track on the EP has the same electronic and ambient elements. In this song the guitarists show of their talent more so than the first track, however, the solos can seem forgettable compared to the monstrous riffs on the EP.

The title track "Bleeding" comes in third on the album with a slower pace adding tension to the atmosphere and shows  a beautiful guitar tone playing the best riff on the EP. This slower track leads into the fast and brilliant "Soul Dancer".

Bleeding do a lot of things right; they create an atmosphere and operatic feel with their music, and producing an album to sound huge. Songs like "Souldancer" genuinely feel like they come from a blockbuster soundtrack. The one detraction from this atmosphere can be the vocals, although in "Souldancer" there is so much going on and so much to pay attention to that the vocals are less distracting.

This EP will provide a lot of enjoyment for those who liked Opeth's last album. Bleeding are definitely one to watch for the progressive metal junkies.

Track Listing:
1. Tempest Of Colours
2. Voices
3. Bleeding
4. Souldancer


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